DDR4 8GB 2666 Mhz, G.Skill F4-2666C19S-8GNT, uus, garantii 5 a

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DDR4-2666 CL19-19-19-43 1.20V 8GB (1x8GB) Aimed for the best price/performance value, every G.SKILL value memory kit is 100% screened for the maximum quality, while maintaining awesome affordability. It's the best choice to build a budget performance PC. ! The memory kit will boot at the SPD speed when BIOS settings are at default. If XMP is supported, enable XMP/DOCP/A-XMP profile in the BIOS to reach up to the rated XMP overclock speed of the memory kit. For XMP-enabled memory kits, reaching the rated XMP overclock speed and system stability depends on the capability of the motherboard & CPU.

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